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Printing is the responsibility of the author. You will receive a low resolution pdf of the poster for your files. At that point, please contact our preferred vendor (information below) to begin the printing process.


We will send the high resolution pdf to Commercial Color. Printing is a 3 business day turnaround. Please provide the following information to the printer:


Exact name of supplied low res pdf

Size of poster

Credit card information

Delivery location and recipient’s name


Printer Contact Information

Paul Weiss
Commercial Color
(610) 391-7444
6330 Farm Bureau Road
Allentown, Pa. 18106

In accordance with the LVHN Poster & Presentation Creation Policy, you have verified that you are compliant with:

All posters will be uploaded to LVHN Scholarly Works.  If you are considering submitting your work for publication (book, article, book chapter) please. check yes below and we will hide the poster for 2 years to allow time for publication.

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